Autism Early Intervention Program

Gwynne Park Education Support Centre hosts one of the Department’s 11 Autism Early Intervention Programs for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary aged students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Applications for the Early Intervention Program may be considered for children who meet specific eligibility for the program.

The two-year program is designed for students entering Kindergarten for 15 hours per week, followed by two days a week attendance at Gwynne Park ESC and the remaining 3 days per week at a partner local school for their Pre-Primary year of schooling.

The aim of the program is to support students requiring adjustments to fully transition towards a mainstream schooling environment for 5 days a week in the year they enter year 1.

Gwynne Park ESC Local Primary School
Kindy (15 hours p/week) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (am) NA
Pre-Primary (full time) Monday, Tuesday Wednesday to Friday

Our school approach follows the practice of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) which is the process of systematically planning, applying and reviewing strategies and interventions to change behaviours / enhance learning. ABA is a methodology practiced and not a curriculum in itself. ABA approaches or strategies are numerous and are used to assist our staff to effectively and positively support areas of development such as; supporting positive behaviours, increasing social competence and to facilitate academic learning.

Discrete Trial Training (DTT) is one ABA evidenced based approach used in the program to enhance the learning process. DTT is a highly repetitive program where by skills and concepts are broken down to the simplest components, building upon a hierarchy of identified skills.

Baseline assessment is conducted at the commencement of the program to establish current skills and knowledge before new skills are introduced.

Trained staff support student learning using highly sequenced and repetitive instruction, use of reinforcers and continuous feedback to teach new skills. Progress is monitored, recorded and evaluated before students move towards new learning concepts. Multiple opportunities are provided each day for students to demonstrate learning over time before the learning is generalised across different context and mastered.

The program is undertaken in a purpose built classroom alongside same aged peers. Integration with children in the ESC and mainstream Kindergarten and Pre-Primary School is scheduled during class times and break sessions to foster development of age appropriate social skill learning.

When the students commence in Early Intervention we undertake Baseline testing to establish current skills and knowledge before new skills are introduced. Each program is developed according to each students’ needs and ability. The classroom is staffed with a high ratio of staff to support each individual achieve.

Eligibility for the Autism Early Intervention Program

Applications will be considered for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Turning 4 before July 1 of the year wishing to commence Kindy. (Children celebrating a fourth birthday after this date may apply for Pre-Primary enrolment subject to availability)
  • A full diagnosis of ASD and report signed by each member of the three diagnostic specialists using the DSM-V criteria
  • The student requires adjustments to support a transition into mainstream schooling for Year 1
  • A likelihood that with adjustment that the child will successfully transition into mainstream schooling for Year 1 (eg child not best supported in an Education Support setting)
  • Parent commitment to participate in the 2 year program

If you would like to discuss the suitability of this program for your child, please contact the school for an application pack and Expression of Interest. Evidence of your child’s diagnostic reports will be required at the time of enrolment.

EI Brochure

For further information or to book a tour of the Early Intervention Program please contact the school on 9497 3122 or by email