Request for Therapy During School Hours

The decision as to whether to approve a request allowing an alternative arrangement offsite or for a funded therapist to provide support to a student during school hours is that of the school Principal.

There is no obligation for a Principal to either accept or decline a request. Each decision is made on a case by case basis in the best interests of the child. Decisions of the Principal are made based on the fundamental purpose of schooling which is to provide students with access to educational programs during school hours and in regard to the following considerations, as applicable:

  • To meet the non-delegable duty of care owed by Principals and teachers to students during school hours
  • The planned outcomes as expected from the alternative therapy or program related to the child’s priority needs
  • The relative benefits of providing the service in school time versus the impact on student learning
  • The circumstances of the student including family, social circumstances and the flexibility of the student’s school based learning program
  • The characteristics of the school including model, make up of classroom teaching arrangements/programs and the needs of the other students in the class
  • The duration and tenure of the program or therapy
  • Suitable and timely consultation and discussion processes between all parties
  • Appropriate provisions have been arranged for a therapist/s to access the student during school time

Requests for Therapy which involve the removal of children from their scheduled school hours based learning are required in writing using the form attached. Please speak with your child’s teacher or contact the Principal should you wish to discuss further.

Parent Initiated Request for Therapy/Service Provider Access During School Hours