The School values technology and is well resourced to support students to engage with and use a broad selection of technologies. Each of the School’s classrooms are fully equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and each of our students have access to the latest technology to enhance their learning outcomes. All students have access to their own iPad which allows them to learn in an interactive and engaging way.

Each iPad is configured with evidenced based applications in Mathematics, English and Social and Emotional Learning. This supports students to learn new skills and knowledge quickly and can be beneficial when students are working collaboratively with their peers or independently at their own pace.

Students may use their iPads for communication and as a creative tool, for designing and producing solutions, displaying presentations and communicating research.

Students progressing towards upper years also have access to laptops to support their use of a range of technology.

Gwynne Park Education Support Centre will continue to provide students and staff with the skills needed to access and use the most up-to-date technologies including the use of safe cyber practice.