Social Media


Gwynne Park Education Centre aims to offer the widest range of learning opportunities, a broad means for connecting with families and multiple means to celebrate learning whenever possible. This policy provides guidance to our staff, families and community members when engaging in social media.

All users of social media are responsible for being aware of the policy and understanding their responsibilities around the personal use of social media.

This policy is in addition to any user policy or terms and conditions imposed by social media hosts.


Children’s images and/or their work are often published to recognise excellence or effort and may appear in local newspapers, Gwynne Park ESC Facebook, Gwynne Park ESC School Website, Gwynne Park ESC Electronic Newsletter and the Gwynne Park ESC page on “My School” website. Images and work will be published only with informed consent.

  • Gwynne Park ESC can, at its discretion, remove any comments, information, images and videos posted which do not follow these guidelines.
  • Please ensure comments relate to a posted topic. General comments, complaints or enquiries should be made to the school directly.
  • The use of obscene, threatening and harassing language is prohibited, as are personal attacks of any kind and offensive comments that target or disparage any group or status.
  • All users are expected to show courtesy and respect to others at all times.
  • Reproduced or borrowed content which appears to violate third party rights, copyright or trademarks is not permitted – original content is permitted.
  • Content should respect confidentiality and not include personal information about you or another individual including identifying information such as (but not limited to) email addresses, telephone numbers or private addresses, the names of staff, students or any other member of the community.
  • Staff are not permitted to engage in social interaction with students through social media unless there is a transparent and reviewable educationally valid context to do so.
  • Staff are not permitted to engage in social interaction with parents or other members of the community through social media where risk may exist relating to perceived or real conflicts of interest or perceived or real risk of confidential information breaches.

Should any user wish to discuss the manner in which any of the information shared is managed, please contact the Principal directly.

Please be aware Gwynne Park Education Support Centre Social Media policy is subject to amendment or modification and may change at any time.